🍻 (at Northcote Social Club)

🍻 (at Northcote Social Club)

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syd legends hanging out at Northcote social club 2nite come say hi

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u kno it’s too early to be up when abc news breakfast hasn’t started yet

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packing early for trips is for losers. pack 15min before you leave. heavy stress. throw all your stuff in in one go, don’t even check. forget toothbrush. holiday urban edition of man vs wild. 

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Ryan Adams - Goodbye Honey

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i think the big dream now is for it to be like 2040 and i’m still using my iphone 3

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Other great wicked camper van slogans I just thought of


  • "the concept of extinguishing a human life really gets me aroused, it’s called a murder boner"
  • "sometimes it’s ok to hit a woman, also I like the band dune rats"
  • "straight up I voted for tony abbott because I dislike women"
  • "fuck palestine" 

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stretch it out.relax it out.  

stretch it out.
relax it out.  

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